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z/OS System Libraries, Parmlib

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Control Parameters

You can simplify the installation process by specifying system defaults in members (IKJTSOxx) of the SYS1.PARMLIB data set instead of in tables. Using SYS1.PARMLIB members makes it easier to customize a system because installations need to change only one file. If you use tables, you must save them from one release to the next, and you must reassemble and link-edit them every time you make updates.

You can use SYS1.PARMLIB member IKJTSOxx to specify TSO/E system defaults for:


Installation-written TEST subcommands

TSO/E commands that run under the TEST command

Authorized commands and programs

Commands that users cannot run in the background

Commands and programs eligible for command or program invocation platform processing

The broadcast data set name because SYS1.BRODCAST is no longer the only broadcast data set name allowed

|The password because up to 255 bytes are allowed to set for |the LOGON password

To simplify the creation of the PARMLIB members, SYS1.SAMPLIB contains samples that a system programmer can copy to SYS1.PARMLIB and then change to suit the needs of the installation. For example, the IKJTSO00 member of SYS1.SAMPLIB contains samples of the statements you can use in the IKJTSOxx member. The changes to SYS1.PARMLIB take effect at the next IPL, or when you use the PARMLIB command.

SYS1.PARMLIB data set
z/OS V1R10.0-V1R12.0 TSO/E General Information


What is PARMLIB?

Parameter Library. A dataset in z/OS containing parameter settings. The most important is SYS1.PARMLIB which contains parameter settings for z/OS and many key subsystems.
IBM ships 3 PARMLIBs:


SYS1.PARMLIB is no longer is required on the 'SYSRES' DASD if using the SYSn.IPLPARM data set. Go to SYSn.IPLPARM
You now can have as many "PARMLIBs" as you require.

Members of SYS1.PARMLIB

ADYSETxx (dump suppression)

ALLOCxx (allocation system defaults)

topicANTMIN00 (ANTMAIN control parameters)

topicANTXIN00 (XRC services)

APPCPMxx (define APPC/MVS configuration)

ASCHPMxx (APPC/MVS transaction scheduler)

AUTORxx (auto-reply policy specifications)


BLSCECT (formatting exits for dump and trace analysis)

BLSCUSER (installation customization for dump and trace analysis)

BPXPRMxx (z/OS UNIX system services parameters)

CEAPRMxx (common event adapter parameters)

CEEPRMxx (run-time option parameters)

CLOCKxx (time of day parameters)

CNGRPxx (specify console groups)

CNIDTRxx (tracking facility exclusion list)

CNLcccxx (time and date format for translated messages)

COFDLFxx (hiperbatch parameters)

COFVLFxx (virtual lookaside facility parameters)

COMMNDxx (commands automatically issued at initialization)

CONFIGxx (standard configuration list)

CONSOLxx (console configuration definition)

COUPLExx (cross-system coupling facility (XCF) parameters)

CSVLLAxx (library lookaside (LLA) list)

CTncccxx (component trace parameters)

CUNUNIxx (unicode conversion environment)

DEVSUPxx (device support options)

topicDFHSSIxx (message-formatting initialization member)

DIAGxx (control common storage tracking and GFS trace)

EPHWP00 (BookManager topic extraction)

EXITxx (allocation installation exit list)

EXSPATxx (excessive spin condition actions)

GRSCNFxx (global resource serialization configuration)

GRSRNLxx (global resource serialization resource name lists)

GTFPARM (generalized trace facility parameters)

topicHZSPRMxx (manage IBM Health Checker for z/OS checks)

IDAVDTxx (VSAM Dynamic Trace parameters)

IEAABD00 (ABDUMP written to a SYSABEND data set)

IEAAPFxx (authorized program facility list)

IEAAPP00 (authorized I/O appendage routines)

IEACMD00 (IBM-supplied commands)

IEADMCxx (DUMP command parmlib)

IEADMP00 (ABDUMP written to a SYSUDUMP data set)

IEADMR00 (ABDUMP written to a SYSMDUMP data set)

IEAFIXxx (fixed LPA list)

IEALPAxx (modified LPA list)

IEAOPTxx (OPT parameters)

IEAPAKxx (LPA pack list)

IEASLPxx (SLIP commands)

IEASVCxx (installation-defined SVCs)

IEASYMxx (symbol definitions and IEASYSxx members)

IEASYSxx (system parameter list)

IECIOSxx (I/O related parameters)

IEFSSNxx (subsystem definitions) - keyword parameter form

IFAPRDxx (product enablement policy)

IFGPSEDI (enhanced data integrity)

IGDSMSxx (storage management subsystem definition)

IKJPRM00 (TIOC parameters to control TSO/TCAM)

IKJTSOxx (TSO/E commands and programs)

IOEPRMxx (z/OS distributed file service zSeries file system parameters)

IPCSPRnn (interactive problem control system)

IVTPRM00 (communication storage manager)

LNKLSTxx (LNKLST concatenation)

LOADxx (system configuration data sets)

LPALSTxx (LPA library list)

MMSLSTxx (MVS message service list)

MPFLSTxx (message processing facility list)

MSGFLDxx (message flood automation parameters)

MSTJCLxx (master scheduler JCL)

NUCLSTxx (customizing the nucleus region)

PFKTABxx (program function key table definition)

PROGxx (authorized program list, exits, LNKLST sets and LPA)

SCHEDxx (PPT, master trace table, and abend codes for automatic restart)

Collapse topicscontainer topicSMFPRMxx (system management facilities (SMF) parameters)

topicUsing the SET command

topicUsing the SETSMF command

topicParameter in IEASYSxx (or supplied by the operator):

topicSupport for system symbols

topicSyntax rules for SMFPRMxx

topicSyntax format of SMFPRMxx

topicIBM-supplied default for SMFPRMxx

topicIBM-supplied sample for SMFPRMxx

topicParameters for SMFPRMxx

topicUsing SMFPRMxx parameters

TSOKEY00 (TSO/VTAM time sharing parameters)

VATLSTxx (volume attribute list)

XCFPOLxx (XCF PR/SM policy)


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