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What is SMP/e?

SMP/E is a z/OS Base element. SMP/E is a tool for installing and maintaining software and for managing the inventory of software that has been installed. SMP/E for z/OS V3R4.0

SMP/E is an integral part of the installation, service, and maintenance processes for z/OS and OS/390 software products and product packages, such as CBPDO, ProductPac, RefreshPac, and selective follow-on service for CustomPac. In addition, SMP/E can be used to install and service any software that is packaged in SMP/E system modification (SYSMOD) format.

SMP/E can be run either using batch jobs or using dialogs under Interactive System Productivity Facility/Program Development Facility (ISPF/PDF). SMP/E dialogs help you interactively query the SMP/E database, as well as create and submit jobs to process SMP/E commands.

SMP/E for z/OS PDF files z/OS V1R8.0

Verify all details or suggestions with the appropriate vendor and / or vendor's manuals.

What is SMP/E?

System Modification Program Extended. An element of z/OS that is used to install most software products. Applies the relevant parts of Change Management to the installation and maintenance of software delivered in executable (OCO) format, with no source code. Most notably, the ability to test a new version of software (or maintenance to an old one) on a production system while the old version is simultaneously being used by production applications.

14 September 2001 - IBM SMP/E for z/OS and OS/390 V3R1 now available stand-alone

SMP/E Environment

First, a few basic definitions:

Global Zone
Contains entries needed to identify and describe each target and distribution zone to SMP/E. Information about SMP/E processing options Status information for all SYSMODs SMP/E has begun to process. Exception data for SYSMODs requiring special handling or that are in error
Target Zone
contain all the executable code needed to run the system.
Dlib Zone
contain all the elements, such as modules and macros, that are used as input for running your system. One very important use of the distribution libraries is for backup. Should a serious error occur with an element on the production system, the element can be replaced by a stable level found in the distribution libraries.

z/OS Maintenance Philosophy

There seem to be many schools of thought about how to setup the data center's SMP/E environment.

1) To place all products under one Global Zone, with a target and Dlib zone for each product.

2) To place all products in their own global, target and Dlib zones.

3) To have a separate Global Zone for each software vendor.

The list goes on...

Installing PTFs

Compress libraries

Backup affected DASD

Read documentation

Receive PTFs

Review cover letters

Apply Check

Review / correct applycheck reports


Review / correct apply reports

Recreate problem fixed by PTF

Update documentation if necessary

It is my belief never to accept PTFs under normal circumstances.

Installing Products

Compress libraries

Backup affected DASD

Read documentation

Receive product

Applycheck product

Review / correct applycheck reports

Apply product

Review / correct apply reports

Acceptcheck product

Review / correct Acceptcheck reports


Review / correct accept reports

Test product

Customize product

Test product

User test product

Update documentation

Update operation's procedures

SMP/E System Reason IDs

JCL to create an SMP environment from scratch see examples:


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