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z/VM and Linux


z/Virtual Machine (z/VM) has two basic components: a control program (CP) and a single-user operating system, CMS. As a control program, z/VM is a hypervisor because it runs other operating systems in the virtual machines it creates. Any of the IBM mainframe operating systems such as z/OS, Linux for zSeries, z/VSE, and z/TPF can be run as guest systems in their own virtual machines, and z/VM can run any combination of guest systems

z/VM’s other major component is the Conversational Monitor System or CMS. This component of z/VM runs in a virtual machine and provides both an interactive end user interface and the general z/VM application programming interface.

The IBM z/VM Center extension for IBM Director allows you to manage and clone Linux guests running on z/VM. This IBM Redpaper provides complete instructions for the z/VM System Programmer on how to enable a z/VM Version 5.2 system to be managed using IBM Director and the z/VM Center extension and how to use z/VM Center to deploy and manage Linux guests.

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z/VM 5.2.0 SDO (5741-A06)

z/VM 5.1.0 SDO (5741-A06)

z/VM 4.4.0 SDO (5739-A04)

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